Troubleshooting Troubleshooters: debug your colleagues for fun and profit Fri, 24 Jun 2016 9:15am (30m) Main Track, Hahn Auditorium

One of the delights of working in engineering - and especially in devops - is the preponderance of what I might gently describe as "challenging colleagues." Maybe you've been one of these colleagues yourself - I know I have. So how do we all get along through stressful times, with the goal of creating both great products and keeping our collective sanity? Don't just leave it to the managers - here's some guidance on why we are all difficult to work with sometimes and how to debug your colleagues when their actions drive you to consider a new career path.

bethanye McKinney Blount (CEO / Co-Founder at Cathy Labs) Bay Area, CA

bethanye McKinney Blount is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience delivering great products and scalable infrastructure. She's co-founder and CEO of Cathy Labs, but isn't sharing what they're working on just yet. In 2015, bethanye was briefly reddit’s first VP of Engineering, after working on some of Facebook’s most complex infrastructure projects. She was Engineering Director at Linden Lab (makers of Second Life) where her teams were responsible for all customer-facing products, and later served as Vice President of Software Engineering for EMI Group. In 2010, bethanye co-founded MailRank to develop a new approach to email productivity, which was acquired by Facebook in 2011.

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