Cost versus Performance: Analytics for Walking the Tight-Rope Sat, 25 Jun 2016 4:00pm (30m) Main Track, Hahn Auditorium

How do you manage cloud costs while maintaining performance and user experience? For many, it’s like walking a tight-rope; lean too far in either direction and you’ll suffer. Analytics can help you find just the right balance by revealing actionable insights about the tradeoffs between performance and cost. This presentation offers (anonymized) case studies that highlight both analytics used and realized cost savings.
This presentation is for members of DevOps teams who have dual responsibilities for delivering industrial strength, responsive services while managing specific budgets and controlling cloud costs. Specific analytics and models will be presented that can provide valuable insights regarding interactions between such factors as capacity and cost, capacity utilization and performance, and reliability and cost.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you aren’t looking at the complete picture. If you are under provisioned, that can result in cost savings at the expense of customer experience. If you over provisioned, that can lead to better customer experience but also waste resources and incur needless expense. This is the tight rope. If you lean too far in one direction, your business will suffer undesirable consequences.

Building on insights from analytics that quantify the interactions between cost and performance, concrete recommendations can be derived that help strike an appropriate balance. This presentation describes such analytics and provides (anonymized) cases from AWS environments where they have been effective.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Nichols (Chief Data Scientist at Netuitive, Inc.) Reston, VA

Elizabeth A. Nichols (Betsy) is Chief Data Scientist at Netuitive, Inc. In this role she is responsible for leading the company’s vision and technologies for analytics, modeling, and algorithms. Prior to Netuitive, Betsy co-founded three companies that applied analytics in a wide range of areas such as war gaming, space mission planning, trading systems, ad networks, roller coaster simulation, cyber security, and now DevOps.

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